Adding fuel to the fire of Syria

I have never been a huge fan of the Italian PM Matteo Renzi. Indeed, i always thought that he never challenged geopolitical issues from the right angle, the migration crisis in primis. On the other hand, i strongly believe that today, in regards to possibility of joining Syria air strikes, he said something very true:
“Four years of civil war in Libya show it was not a happy decision. Today there needs to be a different strategy”, “The one thing we cannot allow ourselves is a repeat of Libya.”

Italy is therefore not joining Syria air-strikes. And i couldn’t agree with Renzi more. Certainly, one could argue that something against terrorism has to be done. And indeed, the US-led coalition should do something. But bombing Syria is probably not the right thing to do at the moment, at least for two reasons. First of all, because this military intervention will not stabilize the country. A multitude of actors is already involved in the conflict in Syria. The use of western military power will (maybe) make the conflict end earlier, but will also preserve the religious, political and economic tensions that contributed to the outbreak of this conflict in Syria. Second, in this war every party involved has something to be blamed for. Contributing to the victory of one actor over the others means legitimizing its crimes. We should not forget that our goal, should always be the establishment of a true democratic government in Syria.



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