The European political coma

The emergence of the European block could have been the greatest challenge to the Hegemonic power, since the end of the cold war. Even if China’s economic growth has the potential to undermine the basis of the financial advancement of the US, it’s hard to think about any other actor in the world with the political potential of the European Union.

Nonetheless, the blend of intergovernmental and supranational power that characterizes the European Union, represents de facto the biggest limit of the Regional Block. Let’s be honest, recent geopolitical factors have further marked that the political intentions of the 28 are at least contrasting, and this manifests itself in the disintegration of a European common foreign policy. The first sign of that was the Migration Crisis and the issues related to the idea of redistributing the quotas of migrants. A further example is given by the economic sanctions against Russia, which are still widely criticized within countries that rely mainly on the export of goods and services to promote growth.  These two examples alone would be enough to declare the European political project, a failure. Now, consider the new aggressive foreign policy of Russia, the conflict in Syria and the attacks of Paris. Even before the terrorists attacks, the European positions in regards to an intervention in Syria were contrasting. Two weeks after the attacks, nothing has changed. Not even an attack to the heart of Europe contributed to the development of a common purpose.

On the other hand, one could say that Europe seems to share a common political view on the roughness of Israel, which led to suspension of diplomatic dialogue with the latter. However, in this case it was the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that instructed the Foreign Ministry on Sunday evening to suspend contacts with European Union representatives. The EU’s only stance was labeling products from the West Bank. As a matter of fact, when European Countries act as a single, they do it in view of the constraints imposed by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, rather than for an ideal concept of common purpose in Europe.

I’ve never liked Euro-skeptics. I truly believe that a Single Europe is possible and that a unified continent will make everyone better off. This is why i like to think about a coma, rather than a death of the European concept. However, it’s time for us to embark toward a new idea of Europe.


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