We should be like Ben Urich.

This article is weird, informal, incredibly short and very personal. I admit that i can be a bit of a nerd sometimes, but if you read this with the right mindset, maybe you will understand why we should take Ben Urich as a model.

What? ‘Who is Ben Urich’!?

Ben Urich is fictional character, an investigative journalist of the Marvel Universe. Thanks to its courage and willfulness, Urich was able to deduce the secret identities of Daredevil and Spider-Man, but rather than revealing them, he has worked with the superheroes in numerous occasions, often providing them with information about the activities of supervillains. Ben Urich is the archetype of the morally correct journalist, who is willing to put his own life at risk to pursue an ideal of justice. This is why, in the comics as well as in the TV series “Daredevil”, Urich loses his job and decides to open a blog. By opening a blog, he wishes to escape the constraints imposed from above, in order to tell his stories without any form of censorship.
Why should we take him as a model, then? Well, the story of Ben Urich demonstrates that internet is a powerful instrument, where one can express opinions without any form of censorship. Now, most of us have probably never been threaten by the mafia. However, our lives are subjected to different forms of constraints. I’m talking mainly about mainstream media. Internet allows you to tell what the others ignore, express your believes and support your arguments. We should be like Ben Urich because we should always be brave enough to tell what we have in our minds.





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