If you want to fight terrorism, ignore the Media

Every citizen of the western world is shocked and scared by what happened in Paris last friday. To be honest, there are good reasons to be scared. The events of Paris sign the birth of a new type of warfare, in which virtually no place in Europe and North America is safe.
Certainly it’s reasonable to think that governments are preparing a plan to contrast the ascendance of this condition of fear in western countries. However, my aim today is to emphasize that every unarmed citizen can contribute to the defeat to terrorism. Terrorism, is de facto an act designated to spread terror. When, after a terrorist attack, a citizen decides to alter his life-style, terrorism wins. The best way to fight terrorism is therefore remembering our victims, without allowing fundamentalist terrorist groups to take the control of our lives. How do we you do that? Turn your television off! As many previous research demonstrate, media contributes sensibly to the spread of fear. Deborah Sorani, among many other, emphasizes for instance: “Fear-based news stories prey on the anxieties we all have and then hold us hostage. Being glued to the television, reading the paper or surfing the Internet increases ratings and market shares – but it also raises the probability of depression relapse”.
Terrorism cannot exists without fear. Every time a western government decides to cancel a major event, terrorism wins. Every time a family decides to remain at home a saturday night, terrorism wins. Every time a TV channel transmits a video made by the Islamic State, terrorism wins. We can escape this condition. And to be honest with you, i believe that some parisians have already done this. I’m referring to a group of football fans that started singing the French national anthem as they were evacuating from the Stade de France during the attacks; i am referring to Antoine Leiris, who after having lost his wife in one of the attacks wrote a letter on facebok with the title “Vous n’aurez pas ma haine” – You will never have my hate. In their tragedy, those brave men and women taught a lesson the world: we must not be scared.




1- https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/two-takes-depression/201106/if-it-bleeds-it-leads-understanding-fear-based-media


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