We should learn what to learn from history

Most of you probably know why, in the last days, PM Netanyahu was strongly criticized. For those of you who don’t know what happened: at the 37th Zionist World Congress, Netanyahu claimed that the Holocaust perpetuated by Nazi Germany led by Adolf Hitler, was actually inspired by Haj Amin Al-Husseini.

Al-Husseini was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem from 1921 to 1937. He was well known for his antisemitic ideals and he’s currently considered a father of islamic fundamentalism. Not a nice guy, for sure. This fact given, some of you might be wondering why Netanyahu’s statement was widely discussed by media. Well, a very problematic aspect of Netanyahu’s statement is that historians don’t agree with him. Many scholars have indeed discussed the idealistic and historical connections between the Mufti and the Fuhrer. Yet, there are not evidence supporting the idea that Hitler was convinced by Al-Husseini to adopt the “final solution”.

Apart from that, Netanyahu’s speech deserves to be criticized for a more practical reason. In 2014, the 75% of the popolation of Israel was jewish and the 20% was arab. One every five citizens of Israel is Arab. In the last months, Israel has been characterized by the outbreak of a new wave of violence generated by religious and ethnic unresolved conflicts. Claiming that a palestinian inspired the murdering of 6.000.000 jews, could exacerbate the situation in a very delicate moment of the country.

If Netanyahu wishes to be considered the leader of multi-national state, rather than the leader of a religious group, he should apologize. We, people of the world, are sick and tired of unrealistic interpretations of history that fuel contemporary conflicts.


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