When a civil war becomes an instrument of propaganda

During the cold war, Space exploration mirrored the competition between Russia and the US. It was Russia Vs. US; Soviet Space Program Vs. NASA; Vostok Vs. Apollo and Jurij Gagarin Vs. Neil Armstrong. Each super-power wished to demonstrate its technological superiority and implicitly, lay the fundations of its ideological dominance. Propaganda.

Nowadays, Syria is the object of a new competition between Russia and the US. Both the countries claim to have rightful purposes and both the country justify their interventions with ethical arguments. Certainly, both the superpowers have their reasons to interfer and for the moment i will not tell you whose interference i consider more legitimate.The issue here is that, while the mankind benefitted technologically from space exploration, the conflict in Syria has terrible pragmatic consequences. The sad truth is that Russian military support to Bashar al-Assad and American strategic support to the rebels, are worsening the situation for a civilian population already exhausted. How can we think that a possible resolution for the civil conflict is making the parts involved more able to kill each other? Maybe, the instability of the country could only be challenged from the outside, but if the price for that has to be paid with human lives, no one in Syria will benefit from what is going on now. The biggest problem is that both the governments are using evidence from the conflict in Syria to influence their images outside their countries. Dropping bombs or tons of weapons, seem to be new instruments of propaganda.

Who will get to the moon first?


-What the Us did: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/us-airdrops-50-tonnes-of-weapons-to-new-syrian-rebel-coalition-a6692126.html

– What Russia did: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2015/10/evidence-mounts-russian-cluster-bomb-syria-151012081654030.html


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